Martha's Vineyard House Framing

House framing involves the construction of your home's inner support system. A house frame is what keeps your home standing. Just like bones support the body of humans, so does the house frame support the home.

House Framing: A brief overview
A sturdy house frame ensures that a home can stand for many years without cracks in the ceiling or uneven floors. A home with a weak house frame is going to be much more susceptible to structural damage, and may need expensive repairs down the line. Wood is the most common material used in house framing, and is cheaper than other framing materials such as steel, concrete and brick.

Local building codes provided by state officials enforce the specifications made by the International Residential Code to ensure that the home framing projects have robust structural construction.

McElhinney Construction is a construction company that focuses on custom home building, with quality built into every stage. We deal in framing, finishing, remodeling and renovation of homes within Massachusetts and throughout the country. We take projects at their inception and transform them into the homes of our clients' dreams.

Why is proper house framing a vital part of the construction process?
Not only does framing give your house shape and structure, but it also directly affects the quality of every aspect, including interior and exterior finishes. A well-built house frame:
● Gives support to your home. Housing frames are a critical part of home construction because they provide the support required to keep your home standing. Without a strong frame, your home would fall on you at the encounter with forces of nature such as winds and storms.

● Shapes your home Apart from supporting your house, housing frames also shape your home. They are just like bones to human beings: we take the shape of our skeletons.

● Impacts the quality of every aspect of the house, House frames directly affect the mechanicals that will be installed in the house. A bad framer or a careless framer could overlook the mechanical systems which would result in reframing certain areas of the house to correct the mistake. They also determine how both the interior and exterior surfaces of the house will look at the end of the home construction. You need to hire the services of an experienced framing contractor to construct a professional home.

Different methods of house framing
1. Balloon House Framing
This type of framing is characterized by wall studs that extend from the foundation to the rooftop. Over time the balloon method of framing has become unpopular because builders find it challenging to locate long wood pieces. In balloon framing, a sill anchored to the foundation secures joists for the floor and wall studs. Building codes require that a fire stopping material must be incorporated in the stud cavities to prevent fire travel from one floor to another. Metal house framing is currently the most popular form of balloon framing because it decreases the risk of fire and long lengths are easy to find at affordable costs.

2. Platform Housing Frame
This is the most common type of framing in modern houses. Walls on each floor are independent of each other. The walls depend on the frame for stability rather than the foundation. They are popular because they are less of a fire hazard as compared to balloon frames. They are also easier to complete as compared to balloon frames that require scaffolding when constructing the upper floors.

McElhinney Construction Company is a professional home building company that specializes in custom home building, renovation and remodeling. Call us today for an estimate on house framing in Martha’s Vineyard or any of the areas we serve, and have us build you a quality home that will stand the test of time. 

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