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It is so exciting to watch your new house slowly transforming into the home that you have always dreamt of, and the interior finishing stage is where you really see your home shape! This is where you, as the homeowner, get to see all of the decisions we made together months ago come to life.

Most of the activities that form part of the interior finishing include installing the drywall, lighting and plumbing fixtures, molding and flooring. You have by this point already chosen the cabinets and countertops for the house.

What is interior finishing?

Interior finishing refers to the final processes that are done to the interior surfaces of the house to make it inhabitable before moving in. These include flooring and drywalling, installing doors, windows, siding, installing cabinets, insulation, molding and plastering, painting and much more.

It is one of the most exciting moments of construction because you get to choose the type of material to be used. It is also the most intense period of building your home, because there are a lot of things to be done that require your attention and decision-making.

Why is interior finishing an essential part of construction?

Interior finishing is important because it determines the final appearance of the home -- the impression that guests will have when they come to visit you.

Interior finishing directly determines how your home will look like after completion of the construction. You should take part actively in this final stage of construction to ensure that your home looks the way you intended.

Tasks associated with interior finishing:

Many tasks are completed during the interior finishing phase of the construction process. Some of those tasks include:

1. Alarm Prewiring
If you intend to have an alarm system now or in the future, then it is a good idea to have the house pre-wired during interior finishing work.

2. Insulation
This is an essential step in interior finishing work that happens after the installation of frames. If you intend to use blown insulation on the ceiling, then you will have to wait after the ceiling has been boarded. Insulation can also be used for sound-proofing.

3. Drywall
Drywall is a construction material that is used to cover the walls and ceilings. It is durable and straightforward to repair in case of damage. Drywall can also be used to provide resistance to walls and ceilings to contain a fire and increase time for people to evacuate in case of a fire outbreak. Drywalls are installed immediately after completion of insulation inspection.

4. Baseboards
Baseboard trims are used in interior finishing works. They run at the bottom of a finished interior wall. Baseboards are used to tidy up the appearance of the junction between the floor and the walls.

5. Flooring
We have a team of skilled workers who will install the hardwood flooring in your home at competitive prices. The floorings we make are impeccable and attractive because we use high-quality materials. Flooring is a critical part of interior finishing because it affects the final appearance of the home.

6. Plumbing and electrical fixtures
Installation of plumbing and electrical equipment are part of interior finishing works. We work closely with the owner to pick out and source these materials.

Interior finishing works are as important as other steps in building your home. McElhinney Construction company can help you throughout your building process from framing, renovation up to interior finishing. Call us today to get an estimate for your interior finishing work in Martha’s Vineyard or the other areas we serve! 

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